Kenna with Flowers

Posted on Jun 11, 2017 in Family

Farmers are Being Summoned

Posted on Jun 11, 2017 in Family

Somewhere in Vietnam, farmers are being summoned to raise 15 chickens (rice fed) for this little lad.  Tu wants him to have fresh chicken when he gets there in September so the plans have begun.  This boy is treated like a little King!

Little Crawler

Posted on Jun 10, 2017 in Family

Candy Aisle

Posted on Jun 3, 2017 in Family

Frankie and James Birthday

Posted on May 29, 2017 in Family

Frankie and James had an epic birthday with the most kids I have ever seen at a party.  We went to the party but Finn was having nothing of it and he just wanted to stay upstairs in a quiet room because he was afraid.   I didn’t get many pictures of the event, but these kind of say it all!

Dolphin Blue

Posted on May 20, 2017 in Family

A photo that I took of Tu which Simon Scheuerle digitally created here.  Check out his work Simon.

First Mother’s Day

Posted on May 14, 2017 in Family