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Family Family Christmas 2016

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Isabella Got Baptized Today

Posted on Dec 12, 2016 in Family

I was the GodFather of a special ceremony today.  Isabella’s Baptism!   It was in La Jolla at Mary Star of the Sea and It was beautiful.  Everyone came over to the house afterward to eat food and Bobby and John drank Pepsi shots and ate twinkies.



A Little Lad

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One of the few pictures we have all together.  We’ll take more.  But it’s hard since I am always the guy behind the camera, not in front.


Finn Loves the Fall

Posted on Dec 4, 2016 in Family

Finn Tu and I went for a visit to the park yesterday.  Finn loved the colors of the leaves on the tree.  Finn loves Fall.  He cannot wait for Christmas.

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Train Ride

Posted on Nov 27, 2016 in Family

Darla had her first overnight without her mom.  Erin took Halsey, Darla and Ford on Amtrak to San Diego.  Aunt Bridget took them to Nordstrom’s and bought them an early Christmas gift.