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This is my brother in law – Pete. Pete and I were friends in high school in San Diego. We met when I was about 16 years old. He asked me many times if he could date my sister and I always said, “No”. Then one day I told him if he took off his shirt in Biology class then I would let him ask my sister out. He did and the teacher went ballistic. It was a real demonstration to me of just how much he liked my sister. He got that date with my sister and 15 years later they got married. I could not be happier. He is a world class father and one of the best guys I know. I really love this guy and I am so happy that my sister married such a wonderful guy. Pete is one of my best friends and this guy would do anything for his family and the people he cares about. To top it off he is a Marine ( a true honest to God tough guy that would fight and die for this country). Hurrah Pete and everything he stands for.