Perfect winter weather in San Diego

Posted on Feb 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

San Diego is turning out to be quite miraculous this year.  Everyday I wake up, I look outside and there are blue skies and perfect weather. I am not sure why we are so blessed this year but everyday I think to myself that this is the best weather that we have had in many years.  It is winter you know and most parts of the country are tormented with freezing temperatures, rain, snow and all the other painful winter effects.  But in San Diego the sun continues to shine on us as never before.  In fact we are projected to have another weekend of 70 degree plus temperatures.  Part of me feels guilty for stealing all of the best weather and part of me gloats about it.  We are truly blessed here in San Diego.  Here is a picture of Tu that I took last weekend at sunset.  Most sunsets are like this in San Diego these days.