Isabela is still cute-ing it up

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in Family

Look at this girl  – is she not the cutest little thing you have laid your eyes upon?  Well, that is Isabela and she keeps insisting on cute-ing it up until people can’t take it anymore.  As she gets older by the day, she learns new techniques, faces and hand movements to make herself even more adorable than she was before.  She has just begun adding in cute sounds and baby words into the mix to “take it to the next level of cuteness”.

This clever little girl knows how to work the crowd and will pull out an arsenal of cute activities if it means winning them over.   For example, she has discovered the innocently extending her middle finger while sleeping or doing certain activities will create the ultimate ironic situation which will cause people to be bowled over by the cute factor.  I mean a baby extending the middle finger while gently rubbing her eyes.  Come on – that is genius.  You have to hand it to Isabela she is cute-ing it up to a level we have never seen before.