Its a Goal!

Posted on Mar 11, 2012 in Family

When we were kids my dad made us watch British Soccer Games on ABC on Saturday afternoons.  The games were actually pretty boring but the announcers of the games were very lively in their British accents and made the games interesting to watch.  Our favorite moments on those Saturday afternoons were when one of the teams scored a goal and the announcer would scream quite loudly into their microphone… “Its a goooooaaaaal”, drawing out all of the vowels as the British do.

Today was a soccer day for me.  First and foremost I had a chance to watch my awesome nephew Geno play soccer for the first time.  He is an awesome athlete and very competitive so I was very proud to watch him doing his best on the field.  Later that day my other two awesome nephews, Charlie and Irish took me to the San Diego Soccers Indoor National Championship game – and they won.  It was an all around great day for Soccer in San Diego and the weather as usual was picture perfect.  Click on the link below to see the full gallery of Geno playing his heart out in the soccer game.