The Fendley’s

Posted on Mar 17, 2012 in Family

I spent Thursday afternoon up in the beautiful town of Encinitas at the home of the Fendley’s.  We were taking family pictures for a special project that they are working on.  It was a great day and as usual I always find myself having the most fun taking pictures when I am taking pictures of people that I know and love.   It is so much easier to be able to take pictures when you know the people and everyone is comfortable.  When you do,  you can take the most personal pictures of them in a comfortable and non threatening setting.  I think that the only really good pictures you take are when you are connecting with the person you are taking a picture of.  I can usually tell when I see a picture if the photographer is really connecting with the person that they are shooting.  If they are not, the pictures look uncomfortable – like when you see someone wearing a sweater or shirt that looks just a little ill-fitting.  I think with the Fendley’s I am able to capture great moments because they are so great in front of the camera, but they are so connected with the moment.  This makes every moment real and genuine so the pictures turn out great.   It was a great day and I can’t wait to post all of the pictures in the next few days.