I Guess I Had A Good Thanksgiving

Posted on Nov 30, 2014 in Family


Hi, Jude here.  I couldn’t figure out if I should call this article , “I Had A Good Thanksgiving, I Guess”, or “I Guess I Had A Good Thanksgiving”.

I decided on the second one because I didn’t want this to become a story about my journey to the path of discovery that I did in fact have a good Thanksgiving and more about – “hey if my parents say that was fun than I guess it was.  i guess i had a good thanksgiving”

So  we get there and there is a bunch of weird people, doing weird things and its a really weird house and there is nothing in there that looks fun.  And everyone is coming up to me and saying weird things with weird faces.  Does this look like fun to you?  I guess I’m having a great Thanksgiving here. By the way you can check out all the pictures from FWANK here – Thanksgiving 2014


Dad promised us that we get to go in a big pool this vacation. Its gonna be luxury he said.  Trust me he said.  So here it is.  This is smaller than I thought it would be.

Darla’s already in that pool.  Is there room for two?  How can I get in that? I guess this is the luxury pool.


We have this type of pool at home.  It’s what mom throws Roy’s diapers in and old food sometimes.  We don’t swim in it but I guess we should.

Everyone was real nice I guess and wanted to feed me drinks “poolside”  Here I am sipping on a milk drink from my pool.  I guess I’m living the good life.


It was starting to get fun.  I was starting to smile.  Can you guess what happened next.  Well naturally Daddy said, “That’s It!”, and pulled me out.  Thats pretty typical of what happens when I start having fun.


The luxury seemed to continue the whole day.  Here they put me in this fabulous chair fit for a king.  I was a little worried about all the missing pieces but hey, I’m just a kid, what do I know?


For dinner I had turkey.  I didn’t know turkey looked like this and that it was served on lids but I guess this is what it is.   And there’s Roy making sure I’m enjoying my meal.  He is always very helpful to me when I eat.  I guess I’m having this great dinner everyone talks about.


After dinner.  I got a popsicle.  Dad lifted me high up so Roy couldn’t get it.  But I was still nervous and kept my head on a  swivel.


Here is me and Darla putting on those happy faces that everyone dies over.  Check out how much fun we’re having on Thanksgiving. I guess this is fun right?


This is my first Thanksgiving ever that I kind of remember.  I can’t wait to have 90 to 100 more of these. I mean everyone set the bar so high on this one that I can’t imagine I will be able to do better.  Well I guess I will have to figure that I out, won’t I?