The Most Ironic Letter in History

Posted on Aug 7, 2016 in Family


A letter arrived on Friday addressed to my Dad at CSS Insurance.  He still gets mail but this letter was different. This letter was addressed from one of the self proclaimed richest men in the world – Donald J Trump who seemingly cannot stop bragging about how much money he has.  Upon opening the letter, it appeared the The Donald was asking my dad for $1 or $5 or $250.   I wonder what happened.  Did Donald Trump run out of money?

Surprisingly, the person who he was sending the letter to – my dad –  was one of the self proclaimed poorest men in America who would always remark how much money he did not have when asked.

“I don’t got it my man” was a phrase we would often hear.   After awhile, you knew that asking for money would always get you this answer.

Don’t get me wrong.  My dad was a very generous guy.  Just not when you asked.  When you didn’t ask, you might get a car like Mary and I did out of the blue one year when we returned home for a holiday.  But when you did ask, more often than not you would hear about how poor he was.

Which makes the letter from Donald J Trump to Frank J McKenna the most ironic letter ever sent in history.  The man that has billions of dollars asking for money from poor Frank J from Chula Vista with the empty pockets.

I can just hear my dad laughing and telling the Donald, “I ain’t got it my man. I ain’t got it”