The Baby That Fooled the World into Thinking He Slept All The Time

Posted on Sep 5, 2016 in Family


Look how he sleeps all day long?  Wow! He just looks so calm and sleeps so deeply.  This baby loves to sleep.  These are the comments that most people make about Finn.

What they don’t realize is that by day he is the blissful sleeper but by night he is a massive party’er.  And by party I mean crying, pooping and drinking milk.

So everyday, starting about 9am before people arrive, he gets cozy and settles in for a long long nap.  He only likes to get interrupted once or twice during the day for a dozy little milk drinking session but after that he is right back to sleep and barely moves.


About 9pm he turns on the juice and gets the party cranking.  He  might pretend to sleep a little bit but that is just to lull us into a false fantasy before his next milk or poop party which he alternates between.

You’re not fooling anyone now Finn! I am telling the world.  ha ha ha…