A Family Portrait Devolves

Posted on Dec 26, 2016 in Family

Michael gathered up the kids Oliver, Frankie and James and said, “Line up here boys.  Let’s have Uncle Frank take a family portrait with his beautiful, beautiful camera.”   We always refer to my camera these days as “my beautiful, beautiful camera.”

The boys were not too into it.  But Oliver was first to line up. Then Frankie and James followed him.  But they could not quite keep it together. Michael jumped into to help organize them but it didn’t work.

Things went from bad to worse in a hurry and this was the family portrait that we ended up with that fine Christmas Day.   I call it, “A Family Family Portrait that Devolved into Chaos”

Merry Christmas to All!  Hope you had a wonderful day with your families.

family-famly1 familyfamily1b familyfamily1a familyfamily2