Fashion is the Essence of Life

Posted on Dec 27, 2017 in Family

He is back again. In all his grandeur and sophistication.  A sense of style and the ability to carry it throughout the day like a well worn leather shoe – comfortable, sophisticated yet down to earth like an autumn leaf.

He is not shy. He is bold.

He is not obtuse.  He is acute, astute and relentlessly sharp.

He is not a dimwit.  He is a sage thinker with sage advice.   Maybe you would do well to heed it sometime?

He is not boorish or crapulous.  He sense of refinement is beyond that of mortal.

To call him feckless is mundane and predictable. Use more knowledge you insolent monkey!

He will take your ham-handed fashion trend, turn it on its head, shake it thrice, throw it on the floor and put it together again and you will be fabulous.

“Fashion is the essence of life and love”.  Bill McKenna