Posted on Aug 22, 2016 in Family

Mexican-Irish-BrotherhoodUnity between Irish and Mexican’s pictured here after Conor McGregor won a narrow decision over Nate Diaz. McGregor won but no one can doubt that Diaz is the tougher fighter after that showing. (I mean the guy never gives up)!

On the left is Pete my brother in law. Last time he cheered way too much when Diaz beat our Irishman McGregor. Mary my sister threatened to send him to the skybox to watch the fight this time (which is at the window outside of the house) but Pete barely let out a peep this time until the 4rth round when it looked like Diaz was going to take McGregor to the cleaner again.

He screamed out and Mary glared a bit at him, but then quickly bit his lip not wanting to disturb the Irish Mafia which had stormed his house to watch the fight.

Good Job Pete! Unity and Peace between the Irish and Mexicans!