Helicopter Shooting

Posted on Sep 23, 2011 in photography

My brother owns an R22 Helicopter, a 4 seater which can prove quite handy for getting a unique vantage point for activities below.  Every so often he invites me up to take pictures of yachting and boating events that are happening off the coast of San Diego.  A few months back he invited me to shoot a race that several of his friends were participating in.  The day was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and the ocean was a deep and rich blue.  It made for a spectacular day of shooting.  He even took the doors off the helicopter to reduce the glare on the photos.  Have a look.

Mary and Lucy

Posted on Sep 22, 2011 in Family

You be the judge.  Do you see any resemblance here?



San Diego has Architectural Genius

Posted on Sep 22, 2011 in photography

Many people say San Diego lacks culture. I always laugh when I hear this because San Diego has large Latino, Filipino, American Indian, Asian and Hawiian influences which can be seen in many parts of the county. Check out a San Diego Chargers game at Qualcomm on any given Sunday in fall and you will see that the predominant makeup of San Diego is people of color and not surfers as most people would imagine.

San Diego also has one of the most influential and masterful pieces of architecture in the world in a place called the Salk Institute.  The Salk Institute was designed by Luis Kahn and it consists of two symmetric buildings with a stream of water flowing in the middle of a courtyard that separates the two. The buildings themselves have been designed to promote collaboration, and thus there are no walls separating laboratories on any floor. There is one floor in the basement, and two above it on both sides.  Talk about “open plan” in today’s business world – well this is it.  It is a tremendous location and believe it or not sits right above some of the best coastline in the world.  If you look beyond the infinity water flow that goes through the building it seems to flow directly into the Pacific Ocean.

This is a magical and wonderful place in San Diego.

Patrick Jumps

Posted on Sep 21, 2011 in photography

I have 3 brothers – Bill, Danny and Patrick.  We are all pretty close and we all live together here in San Diego so you can imagine the good times that we have.  My brother Bill used to be heavily into Martial Arts and was actually a Black Belt and expert at fighting.  He took a picture in the 80’s which my brother Patrick wanted to emulate.  It is a pretty dramatic picture, I guess you should judge for yourself which person would fill you more with terror if you came at them.

This is the original picture of Bill

The new picture of Patrick

The Lady in Red

Posted on Sep 20, 2011 in photography

I took an interesting shot I liked this weekend.  The picture of course if of Tu and she is sitting on a red couch wearing a beautiful red dress. I liked the shot a lot because it seemed dramatic to me and I liked the colors and contrast.   Las Vegas can be an interesting place to photograph if you are looking for dramatic scenes.  There are lots of them.

Everything Vegas

Posted on Sep 19, 2011 in Travel

Just got back from Las Vegas after celebrating Tu’s birthday weekend there. The trip was quite fun, we stayed at Mandarin Oriental (which I would recommend) and did most of the “Vegasy” things that one would expect.  We did a little gambling – didn’t lose our money which was good.  We did some eating – good noodles, sushi and dim sum.  We did some watching of the Chargers – they did lose.  And visited some of the beautiful hotels and attractions – like the one pictured below.  Vegas was filled with people drinking on the streets.  In fact it seemed like everyone had these big long cups filled with some kind of drink in them.  I am not sure how people can drink so early in the morning and keep drinking all day – that must get kind of tiring.  I took the picture below by setting the camera on the ledge outside of the Bellagio during the light show.  The camera was set at f22 with a 10 second exposure and ISO about 320.

Tu’s Birthday

Posted on Sep 16, 2011 in Family

Today is Tu’s birthday.  She turned 30 today, but to me she will always be Tu.  Get it?  That’s a joke.  Well we are on our way to the airport to go to Las Vegas.  This should be a nice weekend.  Will she gamble away our life savings?  Will she play the $500 dollar slot machines.  Odds are that she won’t because she does not like gambling.  Happy Birthday Tu!

Book of Love

Posted on Sep 16, 2011 in photography

Who wrote the book of love?  Well, no on has that answer but my sister did complete 2 top hit cookbooks in the last 18 months.  The cookbook is so unique combining both interesting pictorials of her food and family and recipes on how to cook the tastiest gluten free deserts you could ever eat.   Erin McKenna started her bakeshop in 2005 and when she started it, we had no idea how successful it would become.  It went from being a New York phenomenon to a national one and she has built locations in 3 states (soon to be 4) and the business is booming.  We are all really proud of her.

I took a picture of her latest cookbook.  The book she wrote comes straight from the heart, and it’s good for it too.