Motel Chula Vista

Posted on Jan 12, 2019 in Travel

8 miles to the border.  8 miles to San Diego.

The Motel Chula Vista boasted the largest motel sign on the entire 101 Freeway back in its day.

It’s now called the Roadway Inn and doesn’t look nearly as cool or inviting but this was a historic motel in Chula Vista many years ago.

Colors of DC

Posted on Mar 4, 2018 in Travel

I am in Washington DC due to a short weekend and travel schedule.  I had a chance to go out and photograph some colorful places and murals here in the city.  It’s a beautiful place.

You can check out the whole gallery here – Washington DC.

Vietnam Scenes 2017

Posted on Nov 12, 2017 in Travel

Took the camera out for a morning walk in Vinh Long Vietnam and caught some nice street scenes in the neighborhood.

Vietnam is vibrant and full of life!

Vinh Long Vietnam Orphanage 2017

Posted on Nov 5, 2017 in Travel

I took a long, long flight to Saigon last week to pick up Tu and Finn who were vacationing with Tu’s family at their home in Vinh Long Vietnam.

One of our favorite activities there is to visit the kids at the Vinh Long Orphanage to see how they are doing.

So many people have helped the kids over the last few years that their home is looking amazing.  Fresh coats of paint.  Lots of nice clothes.  Clean rooms.  Air conditioning. Great food.  Great school.  There are so many amenities. But best of all they receive lots of visitors from around the world each day.

All these kids were visiting the orphanage when we arrived.

Here are some pictures of the absolute cutest kids.  If you follow my blog, you will recognize some of these kids who we started visiting when they were just babies. If you want to see the full gallery – check it out here.

Annie Visiting Tu and Finn

Posted on Jul 9, 2017 in Travel

Annie is visiting all the way out from Syracuse New York.  Tu used to watch Annie, when she was Finn’s age here.

Lucy Stardust

Posted on Oct 2, 2016 in Travel


Make America Really Great Again

Posted on Oct 2, 2016 in Travel

I know Trump doesn’t like immigrants very much.  And he would just assume that they all go back to wherever they came from so he could make America Great Again. But this week, one more American joined the country and that is Tu McKenna.  Tu is exactly what makes America great.  She works hard.  She starts her own business.  And is so nice the entire way.  What a big week for Tu and for America!


The Tortilla Man

Posted on Oct 2, 2016 in Travel

The Tortilla Man was created years ago by Bill McKenna in Rosarito Beach.  Mike Keagan, Bill McKenna, Pat Lawler, Chris Lawler and perhaps a few others were on a trip to get some “All You Could Eat Lobster”

The waiter would bring as much lobster as you could, he would pile high the beans, the rice and all the accoutrements.  But whenever we asked for a napkin, he would bring one skinny tiny napkin that was super thin.  That is pretty common in Mexican restaurants.  They will give you a huge burrito but give you the skinniest napkin you could think of.

Bill, grabbed a handful of tortillas from the pile and began using them a napkins.  It was the ultimate gluttony move.  Using tortillas as napkins and then tossing them aside.  He quickly fashioned a tortilla into a mask and put it on and began talking like the Elephant Man from the move.

That was the first time Tortilla Man emerged.  Last night, Tortilla Man was seen again.