The Tortilla Man

Posted on Oct 2, 2016 in Travel

The Tortilla Man was created years ago by Bill McKenna in Rosarito Beach.  Mike Keagan, Bill McKenna, Pat Lawler, Chris Lawler and perhaps a few others were on a trip to get some “All You Could Eat Lobster”

The waiter would bring as much lobster as you could, he would pile high the beans, the rice and all the accoutrements.  But whenever we asked for a napkin, he would bring one skinny tiny napkin that was super thin.  That is pretty common in Mexican restaurants.  They will give you a huge burrito but give you the skinniest napkin you could think of.

Bill, grabbed a handful of tortillas from the pile and began using them a napkins.  It was the ultimate gluttony move.  Using tortillas as napkins and then tossing them aside.  He quickly fashioned a tortilla into a mask and put it on and began talking like the Elephant Man from the move.

That was the first time Tortilla Man emerged.  Last night, Tortilla Man was seen again.