4 Geno’s are better than 1

Posted on Mar 24, 2012 in Family

What is better than 1 Geno?  The answer is simple – 4 Geno’s.  For good boys eating all their food groups at the same time.  Camille helped me set up this fun shot and we had a great time taking it.  As usual Geno was a fantastic model and subject.

When we were young

Posted on Mar 21, 2012 in Family

When you come from a large family you tend to have lots of photographs of your childhood.  My dad always had cameras and film equipment to capture holidays and memorable moments.  While he was persistent he wasn’t necessarily a great photographer.  He was truly a point and shoot guy that would probably do very well in the digital age but the age of film that point and shoot mentality just meant a lot of unusable photographs.

Last month I started a very ambitious project to archive the best family photos by having them scanned in digitally so that we could share them and use them for whatever they needed. The first step involved going through tens and thousands of photographs sitting in my mom’s closet to determine what was even usable. That process took at least 20 hours and I ended up throwing about 10,000 photos directly into the trash either because they were duplicates or because there was nothing in the photograph that was remotely part of the family.  You see my dad was the kind of guy that would take pictures of anything – the mailman, the grocer, the fuller brush man passing through the neighborhood.  I mean there were so many pictures of people that really had nothing to do with us and had no real need to be in our archive.  After trashing about 10,000 photos I was left with probably around 10,000 photos that were remotely useable.  The next step was deciding what was important enough to scan and pay the 20 cents to have it digitally archived.  That process was really arduous and took about 3 full days to complete.  I ended up with about 2,000 photos that I felt were archive worthy.

So the scanning company took my 2,000 photos and sent them off to India to be scanned in my cheap labor no doubt.  It took about 4 weeks but they finally scanned all of the images in and then sent me a proof sheet to approve them.  I just ended up approving them all since I really didn’t want to make those $1 an hour employees feel bad about the work they had done. I am sure that there is some sort of mechanism there in India where they only get paid on what gets approved by the buyer.  I wanted nothing to do with scrimping someone of their payday so I just approved them all.

This week the CD arrived and I had a huge number of digital photos of my family that are actually pretty good. I would say at least 1,500 of them are pretty good. Over the next 3 weeks I will be compiling galleries for each person in the family so that they can have all their baby pictures and see themselves when they were young.  That was the whole point of this project – to help my brothers, sisters, mom and dad remember the times when they were young.

The Fendley’s

Posted on Mar 17, 2012 in Family

I spent Thursday afternoon up in the beautiful town of Encinitas at the home of the Fendley’s.  We were taking family pictures for a special project that they are working on.  It was a great day and as usual I always find myself having the most fun taking pictures when I am taking pictures of people that I know and love.   It is so much easier to be able to take pictures when you know the people and everyone is comfortable.  When you do,  you can take the most personal pictures of them in a comfortable and non threatening setting.  I think that the only really good pictures you take are when you are connecting with the person you are taking a picture of.  I can usually tell when I see a picture if the photographer is really connecting with the person that they are shooting.  If they are not, the pictures look uncomfortable – like when you see someone wearing a sweater or shirt that looks just a little ill-fitting.  I think with the Fendley’s I am able to capture great moments because they are so great in front of the camera, but they are so connected with the moment.  This makes every moment real and genuine so the pictures turn out great.   It was a great day and I can’t wait to post all of the pictures in the next few days.

Isabela is still cute-ing it up

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in Family

Look at this girl  – is she not the cutest little thing you have laid your eyes upon?  Well, that is Isabela and she keeps insisting on cute-ing it up until people can’t take it anymore.  As she gets older by the day, she learns new techniques, faces and hand movements to make herself even more adorable than she was before.  She has just begun adding in cute sounds and baby words into the mix to “take it to the next level of cuteness”.

This clever little girl knows how to work the crowd and will pull out an arsenal of cute activities if it means winning them over.   For example, she has discovered the innocently extending her middle finger while sleeping or doing certain activities will create the ultimate ironic situation which will cause people to be bowled over by the cute factor.  I mean a baby extending the middle finger while gently rubbing her eyes.  Come on – that is genius.  You have to hand it to Isabela she is cute-ing it up to a level we have never seen before.

Its a Goal!

Posted on Mar 11, 2012 in Family

When we were kids my dad made us watch British Soccer Games on ABC on Saturday afternoons.  The games were actually pretty boring but the announcers of the games were very lively in their British accents and made the games interesting to watch.  Our favorite moments on those Saturday afternoons were when one of the teams scored a goal and the announcer would scream quite loudly into their microphone… “Its a goooooaaaaal”, drawing out all of the vowels as the British do.

Today was a soccer day for me.  First and foremost I had a chance to watch my awesome nephew Geno play soccer for the first time.  He is an awesome athlete and very competitive so I was very proud to watch him doing his best on the field.  Later that day my other two awesome nephews, Charlie and Irish took me to the San Diego Soccers Indoor National Championship game – and they won.  It was an all around great day for Soccer in San Diego and the weather as usual was picture perfect.  Click on the link below to see the full gallery of Geno playing his heart out in the soccer game.


Carried away by the wind

Posted on Nov 18, 2011 in Family

Tonight Tu and I went out to take some photographs.  I have been wanting to develop a series of photographs about levitation. I have seen some on the internet but they look really difficult to pull off.  Well Tu did a pretty good job for her first time and we shot her in Downtown San Diego with an umbrella.  It was not really raining or anything but it made a good prop and easy to try to create a swept away look.  We’ll keep practicing.

Rainy Day, Cozy Day

Posted on Nov 13, 2011 in Family

It was absolutely coming down in buckets today in San Diego.  The skies opened up and gave us a month of rain in a single day.  The paper reported the the rainfall in the last 12 hours has exceeded the average that we get for the entire month of November.  That means coats, scarves, blankets and lazy days here in San Diego.  I caught a picture of a barely able to keep her eyes open Darla and her mom (and my sister) Elizabeth wrapped in woolen sweaters and hats.  You can picture how happy and safe Darla feels and how happy Liz is to have her right there next to her.

Born to be Wild

Posted on Oct 9, 2011 in Family

I am not sure if you are aware but my niece Lucy is a pretty avid bike rider.  She rides pretty cool motorcycles and takes off on the road for days on end.  When she is happy she will give you a thumbs up as she rides by, when she disapproves of you she will show you with a definitive thumbs down.  Check out this wild child on her new Harley and you will be amazed.