San Diego has Architectural Genius

Posted on Sep 22, 2011 in photography

Many people say San Diego lacks culture. I always laugh when I hear this because San Diego has large Latino, Filipino, American Indian, Asian and Hawiian influences which can be seen in many parts of the county. Check out a San Diego Chargers game at Qualcomm on any given Sunday in fall and you will see that the predominant makeup of San Diego is people of color and not surfers as most people would imagine.

San Diego also has one of the most influential and masterful pieces of architecture in the world in a place called the Salk Institute.  The Salk Institute was designed by Luis Kahn and it consists of two symmetric buildings with a stream of water flowing in the middle of a courtyard that separates the two. The buildings themselves have been designed to promote collaboration, and thus there are no walls separating laboratories on any floor. There is one floor in the basement, and two above it on both sides.  Talk about “open plan” in today’s business world – well this is it.  It is a tremendous location and believe it or not sits right above some of the best coastline in the world.  If you look beyond the infinity water flow that goes through the building it seems to flow directly into the Pacific Ocean.

This is a magical and wonderful place in San Diego.