Posted on Apr 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

I finally finished off my huge photo archival project which involved taking 40 years of childhood photos from our house in Chula Vista and getting the best ones digitally scanned and then uploaded.  They are all on my photo site now but boy was it a lot of work.  While I was going through the photos I noticed that there were quite a few photos of my mom.  She was the obvious center of our family – giving birth to 12 kids (almost one every single year I was living in that house) – but I think it showed me that my dad who was the camera-man always had a genuine love for her.  I guess it showed it how often he photographed her.

Well, my mom, besides being the greatest mother ever is a real beauty. I always remember everywhere we went they thought that she was one of the sisters. Everyone would always ask – where is your mom and we would point to her and they would say, “no!”.  It was quite funny having a mom that always looked as young as one of us.   Through the years my mom has defied time and actually gotten younger and younger looking.  And I think I know her secret.  It is because she is acting younger and younger each year.   She is one of the most active and involved people I know.  She is more involved today than she was 10 years ago and she is getting  younger and  younger because of it.  I think she has discovered the secret of eternal youth.  It is something I have definitely learned from her.