Posted on Nov 13, 2012 in photography

Autumn means the end of summer, a time to go back to school and a time to move the clock backward.  The Autumn winds feel different than summer.  Sometimes it feels like there is a touch of cold even when it is warm.  The trees have the most to lose.  They lose all of their leaves and all of their color.  The trees go to sleep in the Autumn and won’t wake up for many months.

Autumn means football and early Sunday dinners and new TV shows to watch.  There is something about the weather that makes it ok to be inside and do inside stuff.

In Autumn, when the leaves fall you have to rake the leaves up.  Then they fall again and you rake them again.  It keeps happening until all the leaves fall down.  Then everything just gets wet.  Wet and cold.  But Autumn is beautiful and makes the skies bluer and it makes the sun go to the side which makes everything look better and more vivid.  People love Autumn because they can wear sweaters again.  People look better in sweaters than T-Shirts.

In Autumn you feel the excitement of Holloween and Thanksgiving.  Everything is orange and dark red in Autumn because everything is trying to match the color of the leaves on trees.  And also corn.  For some reason people start putting dry corn cobs on things.  I am not sure why that is but I think it is because the Indians used to bring that hard corn to things.  The Pilgrims were all, “Here have some delicious Turkey, and by the way we made some nice creamy mashed potatoes too”.  And then the Indian guy would be all like, “here have some hard corn.  It’s tasty if you can get used to the extremely hardness of it”  The Pilgrims were polite and kept taking it and now we have dried corn as decorations.

If you live in higher regions of the world, Autumn means burst of color – more color than spring and more color than summer or winter.  One time I was traveling down a mountain road in Canada in Autumn.  The road was lined with gold trees.  It was like following the yellow brick road.

No matter what it is, Autumn is still one of my favorite seasons.  Being in a warm place we don’t get to see it too often but when we see signs of it, it is so beautiful and a time of change.