How to iron your pants if you’re a waiter

Posted on Oct 30, 2012 in photography

Being young and just out of college I did what any normal college kid does and I went out and got any job that I could get.  I found a job as a waiter in Nordstrom’s Cafe in Walnut Creek.  The job required that you wear a pretty ugly uniform of a pink shirt and black pants.  They topped off the ensemble with some heinous looking bow tie and things were not pretty.

This is one of the first instructional videos I ever put together before YouTube before Facebook or there was any way to get the video out there to the public.  This video is for aspiring and current waiters that are looking for instruction on the proper technique for ironing/over-ironing your clothes.  In this video, I teach would be waiters techniques for obtaining the “all day crease”, a technique I patented particularly for waiters.  This video has a cameo of the famed Pete Jordon author of Dishwasher Mag as well as the book.