Energy Drink Extravaganza in Tokyo

Posted on Jun 21, 2012 in Travel

Eoin and I spent the day traveling through two districts of Tokyo – Shinjuku and Akihambara.  The Shinjuku district is the quirky shopping district and Akihambara is the electronic area.

Eoin was drinking and even won many different energy drinks.  He wanted to try every energy drink in the vending machines.  He even won a contest and got a free energy drink.  This city is an extravaganza of energy drinks.

Yakitori Chef prepares grilled skewers to perfection

Eoin just loved all of the video game shops.  The variety is incredible.

Eoin wins another energy drink.  This guy coulldn’t wait to take a picture to advertise this energy drink.

The Yakitori Chef loved Eoin’s shirt and kept laughing.  He thought it was so funny.

Eoin making friends all over the world. The Japanese are so friendly and nice.

All the kids laughed like crazy when they saw how their classmate looked in this shot.