Torrey Pines GliderPort is a Superb Place for Photos

Posted on Mar 29, 2013 in photography

Torrey Pines GliderPort.  It is a National Landmark of Soaring and is one of the best hang gliding places in the country.  Basically people have to make a leap of faith and jump off the cliff with their wings.  It is quite scary but it is another beautiful place in La Jolla.

I went up there today to see how it was and it was beautiful.  I would recommend trying this place at sunset or early morning.  Here is how you get there.  (Google Map It)


There are lots of cones around and they get pretty mad if you cross into the area where they are taking off and landing. You can get photos by walking around and down the cliffs a bit.  There are some good shots but the ones I like best were with the rolling hills and the colorful canopies of the hang gliders.


The shots taken from below can be pretty awesome too.


If you hike down the very dangerous cliffs you can get to Blacks Beach.  2 people died last year trying to hike down these cliffs and scores more had to be rescued.  It’s good to stay on the beaten path here.