Oh, Hello Baby Camille. You are just in time.

Posted on Jul 15, 2013 in Family

Baby Camille Caprice McKenna was born just in time.  Her parents Danny and Camille were waiting, and waiting and waiting.  She just stayed inside and we thought she was never going to come out and say hello.  But she did.  And she was a beauty.




And we now know why it took so long.  Because she likes to sleep, and sleep and sleep.  And dream of stuff.  You know stuff that babies dream of.  Like, .. well I am not sure.


And when she came to say hello, we thought she was going to be 10 pounds.  But she wasn’t.  She was just a small little thing.  A tiny lovable package of goodness.


Geno was so happy that his sister arrived.  He said he loves her so much and wishes that he could feed her.  When he learned that boys cannot feed babies because they can’t give milk, he exclaimed, “What the heck are guys good for anyway?!”.  Yes Geno, we still wonder this ourselves some time.


Well if you would like to see lots and lots of pictures of the beautiful one.  You can.  They are all right here- Beautiful Baby Camille Caprice.


Welcome to the world beautiful Camille Caprice McKenna.  The most beautiful baby in the world!