This is not a bunny rabbit

Posted on Feb 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is not a bunny rabbit, this is my niece Darla.  How cute is that picture of her?

Well, I cannot lie.  Last week you may have noticed that I didn’t really get a chance to post anything new.  Well, I have an excuse.  I was very sick.  I had a stomach flu like no other.  I am proud to admit that I ate 1 ding dong last week and that is about it.  I could not even think of food, if I did I immediately had to run to the bathroom and throw up. I am not sure what I had but I never want to return to that state.  In any case, I am starting to feel much better this week and I am getting really ready to take a lot more pictures and videos. I have a few projects lined up that I am pretty excited about.

So anyway, about this little bunny.. She is very cute isn’t she. She is turning 1 next week and I will be there to take some epic shots.