Old Rare Photographs Remind Us to be Thankful

Posted on Jul 19, 2013 in Family

In Vietnam as early as 20 years ago, photographers and cameras were rare.  People would pay large sums of their hard earned money just to get a picture of themselves.

Today we often take for granted that everyone has their camera phone with them, or someone inevitably has a nice DLSR to take lots of pictures at a drop of a hat.

Tu grew up South of Saigon in a modest village and her parents worked hard but didn’t have much money at the time.  They hired a photographer to come and take this picture in front of their small house.  I am sure that they barely had the money to pay for it at the time.  But they took the picture to capture the moment in the small way that they could.

Today the photograph is worn and faded.  You can barely see her.  But its an important photograph because it is only one of the only ones that they have. Photographs can be priceless, especially when they are so rare.

Tu and Parents