Grunion Hunting

Posted on Aug 4, 2012 in Family

I always thought Grunion were just a mythical creature like those “Skype” hunts that you used to go on in camp.  It wasn’t until I was older that I discovered that those Skype hunts were just a fancy way of getting kids to do some activity at night and that Grunion were actually real fish that people caught on the beaches after full moons in summer.  Well people do catch them, but we didn’t.  We all headed out for a late night trip to Coronado to catch some of those elusive fish but we didn’t catch anything.   It was a fun night, but no fish.

At first Geno was fightened because he heard that he might step on Grunion

Later he became the Grunion Hunter.


A common mistake people will make – confusing seaweed for Grunion.  Here, Eoin is pictured eating seaweed not yet aware of it thinking he is eating grunion.

Tu manages a smile even through the sadness of not finding any grunion.

The hunters at work.