McKenna Movie’s – Easter Sunday at Grandpa’s House

Posted on Nov 29, 2012 in Family

Everyone loved Grandpa McKenna a lot.  He was a very kind, calm and happy guy and was always smiling.  We used to love going over to his house and playing in the backyard which was very simple but well groomed.  They also had things in their house like a radio from the 1940’s and a mirror that you could stand against and do weird tricks to make it look like you were levitating.  Grandpa was so nice and when he got older he got Alzheimer’s.  At the peek of it he used to eat pages out of Grandma’s cookbook when he got hungry and Grandma would exclaim, “He at my best cookbook!”, which is not something that you hear everyday.  Here were some happy times in that old backyard in that modest house in Chula Vista.  You have to check out everyone trying to convince Patrick to walk his first steps.  He will have nothing to do with it but continues to crawl.  Patrick eventually did walk – and he was pretty good at it too.