Make your photos look like Instagram

Posted on Sep 11, 2012 in photography

Everyone loves Instagram.  Instagram became extremely popular because they developed a standard set of filters that could instantly be applied to photographs taken on a smart phone and make them appear to be very vintage and cool.  They basically created the Polaroid of the new generation by making people’s smart phones like polaroid cameras.  Instead of waiting for the cool photos to be developed however , those little heavily retro’d square photos could be shared with everyone on the internet.  Some professional photographers feel that Instagram debases photography by making even crappy photos look good. I disagree however and think that Instagram is very powerful because it gives people a way of capturing their memories in a beautiful way.

I created a quick tutorial that you can use to help achieve that Instagram look in photoshop for all your other photos.  It’s a simple 3 step process that anybody can do  with virtually any picture to make it look more vintage and cool.