Darla’s Third Birthday – Puppets, Dragons, MayPoles and Pinatas and RingPops

Posted on Mar 6, 2014 in Family

Elizabeth, Greg and Family organized a fabulous little third birthday for little Darla.  There was something for everybody and no detail was spared.  I mean there were so many events.  I guess kids have really upped the anti on Birthdays  because it seemed like the Christie’s recreated a theme park in their house.

Let me just give you a laundry list of what they did:  There was a swinging Piñata out front, There was a kiddie sized Maypole with long ribbons in the house, there was a 3 yard long sandwich that must have weighed 30 pounds,  A Hello Kitty Ice Cream Cake,  A puppet show, Goblets, Ring Pops, drinks, snacks… Well I could go on and on.

If you want to see the gallery of pictures of some of the cutest kids you could ever see, feel free to browse the Gallery here  – Darla’s Third Birthday.

Otherwise, here are some of my favorite pictures from the extravaganza.

Purple tongued Darla getting sassy


 A Sweet Princes


Something caused this look, I’m not sure what.  But it happened.


Friar Jude in the Monastary with Tu


After washing hands, Darla gets sassy (again)


 He came up with this pose for this picture and it was perfect.


Girl Fun.


Lovely moment between Darla and her Baby Jude.


Julia invented this pose.  I said, let me take a picture of you.  She walked to wall and did this pose.




this could be another time or era.


This picture says quite a bit about mother and daughter


I asked Darla to pose with her tons of beautiful  presents.  This looked a little melancholy