Low Numbers

Posted on Sep 25, 2015 in Travel

Low numbers are better in Maine. The lower the number the better.  How do I know this?  From experience actually.  Something I learned this week.

Get a Lower Number in a Restaurant?

Tu and I went to a warehouse restaurant in Belfast Maine to get lobster.   In this place you pick your lobster, they boil it and give you a number that they call the number when you are ready.  Tu picked her lobster and they gave her a number “17”.

That was unusual because all the other people were getting numbers like “1400” and some old couple even got a number “10,000”.  As we sat, we watched elderly couples pick their lobsters and get numbers. And the numbers were always high, “42,000” or “27,000”.

It was then that I figured it out.  They were numbering patrons based on how pretty or ugly they were.  As someone was more obese or more elderly they got a higher number.  As they were prettier they got a lower number.  I was on to them.


Lower Freeway Numbers are Better Too

The other thing I have learned over the years and it applies here in Maine too.  The lower the freeway number, the more interesting the drive.   As a general rule of thumb I will typically take the lower freeway numbers if there are alternate routes.  Here in Maine that has held up too.

For example, most of the best attractions are along Route 1.  If I see route 1 I know that the scenery will be more beautiful and the sites a little more quirky along the way.  We always try to take the lower freeway numbers.

All the open fields are along Route 1