The Charming Town of Wilson

Posted on Aug 25, 2014 in photography

I like to bring my camera with me when I travel. I had a chance to visit a very charming little city in North Carolina called Wilson.  It is not the first time I have been there but the second time and it is quite a charming little place.

You can check out the gallery of some pictures I took on a  Sunday afternoon as I meandered down the streets of this city – North Carolina.

On a sleepy Sunday, the Churches were the only place people were going.


 This mall was all but abandoned.  This bus carried in migrant workers who seemed to be the only people shopping at the mall that day.


Bob’s Burger is cool but apparently the hamburgers were not good according to locals


The Liberty Warehouse is a throwback to times when Tobacco was dried all over the town in large warehouses.  They are mostly gone now.


A man rides a scooter on a hot day.  He was the only person I saw for a long while.


This was a beautiful little set of shops in the city.  It seemed to be a step back in time.


These birds soared when I clapped my hands.  They settled back down after I left.


This man cruised slowly down the boulevard. His muffler was quite loud and he stared at me as he passed.


The abandoned mall seemed sad.  Citibank is boarded up and you cannot get in.


While I do not know if this is a good or bad hotel, I can recommend that you not swim in their pool if you stay there.