We’ll miss her very much

Posted on Nov 25, 2012 in Family

This Thanksgiving was a sad day for Tu and her family, and for me.  Her grandmother passed away in the morning and everyone was very sad.  She is missed so much and right now people are coming from all over to say goodbye to her.  Vietnamese funerals last many days and it gives a chance for people to come from all over to say their final goodbyes.

Tu and her grandmother were very close.  I met Tu’s grandmother last year when I visited Vietnam and she was so full of life and personality.  She would always make me laugh with jokes and things she would say.  Since I used to eat with my hands when I was there she thought I was Cambodian and used to ask me if I was from Cambodia.  Well that just made me laugh so hard because I doubt I look very Cambodian at all.  But that just gives you an idea of her wonderful personality and way with people.

I was very sorry to hear of the news of Tu’s grandmother because we all loved her very much and she will be missed so.  Tu was in Vietnam with her and that was a blessing.  Goodbye to Grandma until we see her again in heaven.

We took these pictures a little over a year ago in Vinh Long where Tu’s family and grandma lived.  This is Tu giving her a kiss.


Tu and her grandma are good friends.

Tu’s family is very close, the whole family lives together no matter how young or old they are.

In pictures you can see someone’s eyes smile.  Can you see her eyes smiling?  I can.

How cool is Tu’s Grandma?  She will be sorely missed.