Lighthouse in Bandon

Posted on Nov 12, 2012 in photography

Tu, Rinnie and I went to Bandon Oregon as part of a West Coast road trip about a month ago and there was a super cool Light House in Bandon Oregon.  Bandon is a tiny seaport town right in the middle of the Oregon coastline and one of the most picturesque places in Oregon that you could visit.   There are small shops, little fish markets and lots of interesting coastline.  One of the most interesting things about Bandon is it feels like you are going back in time to an old seaport town. It has lots of charm including this lighthouse that we went to visit.  I always like Light Houses because they just remind me of the old coast line.  Sure they are still functional but they really remind me of a time when the US Coastline was being explored and they were needed to help big ships that didn’t have modern GPS avoid rocky coastlines in the fog.  Between Lighthouses, fog horns and maps the ships didn’t have any instruments to tell them when they were close to wrecking on the coast.

I took this picture and processed it with selective color using Silver EFX software from Nik.  It is some of the best black and white processing software out there and I use it on almost all of my photographs that I process in black and white.  I love Black and White photography and I really like playing around with selective color too.  It came out looking pretty cool.