The Wall

Posted on Sep 1, 2014 in Family

He will go toe to toe with the biggest defensive lineman, and if necessary body slam them to the ground.  He tries to be gentle but thats like trying to put a full Level 5 Hurricane in a ketchup bottle.  Things just get ugly real fast if you try to take him on.


After decimating opponents he will generally walk humbly away.  As pictured here, this appears to be the case.  Unfortunately his superhuman hitting ability is a bit overwhelming.


It reminds me a bit of many of the scenes from the original Incredible Hulk when the Hulk would Hulk Out and pretty much obliterate anyone in his path.

He managed to get a bit of a handsome break during half-time and as you can see here managed to put on the football hero look.  I did notice the cheerleaders giving him the eye as he walked by.


I must say, seeing that big “McKenna” on his jersey was a big source of pride since we have always been more folksy soccer folk and the like and not the manly man type like Geno.


If you want to check out the gallery of the kid that NFL scouts refer to as “The Wall” or as “Roach” because he never says die check out his gallery here – Geno is The Wall.