He is Waging a One Man War Against the Chargers Moving to Carson with the Raiders

Posted on Mar 4, 2015 in Funny


Since 1975 as a young toddler growing up in National City, Pete was destined to become a life long Charger fan.  Before he could even walk or talk he was dancing to the San Diego SuperChargers song in his pampers.

Things didn’t change much over the years.  Players and coaches came and went.  Gene Klein sold the Chargers to the Spanos family.  Chargers experienced highs during the Coryell and Ross days, and tremendous lows during the Ryan Leaf days.  But Pete, like many San Diego hardcore fans stayed tried and true blue and gold to his team.

An Unholy Alliance

In 2015, the Chargers were about to try the patience and loyalties of even the truest Charger fans in San Diego.  A greedy Dean Spanos, interested in capitalizing on the NFL’s dramatic rise in popularity was out for cold blooded money from Southern California.

He was ready to move the Chargers from San Diego to Los Angeles and he was going to burn the city of San Diego down in the process.

A grinning Spanos conjures up a dastardly plan.


Spanos proposed moving the Chargers to Los Angeles – well Carson actually.  Not only that but he hatched a plan to partner with their deepest longest running rivals the Oakland Raiders to share a stadium.

Now, Carson is no San Diego believe me.  With its oil refineries, smoggy skies and entrenched Raider fan base, Carson is basically a hell hole for a Charger fan.  Carson is neighbors with Compton by the way if that give you an idea of how well loved the Raiders are there.

To a Charger fan, leaving San Diego is the ultimate blow, but leaving San Diego to go to Carson and partner with the Raiders?  There could not be a more unholy alliance or plan ever hatched.

A War is Waged

A former Marine, Pete is not one to lay down and let a greedy grinning Spanos root up his team to Carson so he waged a one man war to protest the move.  Pete said, “I will not rest until the fight is over.  And the fight will never be over.  And I will never rest”

 Still waters run deep.  A calm rage is building within this man and he will take no enemies.sandiegopete2

I Join the Battle

Not one to leave a former Marine, Charger Fan, Brother in Law alone to fight the battle. I joined Pete on Monday at a Charger rally and Forum by corporate politicos more interested in damage control than solutions.

We got there a little late and they would not let us in.  Typical Charger Modus Operandi.  They probably saw Pete coming and shuttered the door knowing that he was about to release a furious fury on the fat docker wearing politicians.

Two Chaps will fight the Odds to Keep their Chargers at Home.


A Battle will Wage

Me and Pete have been fans for years and we just can’t tell you how much it means to us to keep the Chargers in San Diego.  And we’re not alone.  There were plenty of diehard fans there and we met them.

San Diegan’s uniting for their team.


The Chargers will Stay

We have convinced ourselves that the Chargers will in fact stay in San Diego.  There seems to be no possible good explanation for Spanos moving the Chargers to Carson when he has so much going for him in San Diego.  There is only one reason he would move and that would MONEY.  So if he moves we will know he has zero loyalty to his fan base and that will be it for us.

He vows to fight until the bitter end.


A One Man War but an Army Will Join

Maybe it started as a one man war but an army will join Pete on the streets.  With fire launchers, grenades and any other tool that we can, we will fight and win the battle.  Here is Pete leading the way.