Half Way Tall

Posted on Apr 20, 2015 in Family

This is Frankie.  He’s almost half way to tall.  The top of his head hits half way up his dad now.  I wonder if we fast forward 10 years what this picture will look like.  Will it be reversed?  Will Michael be holding on half way up Frankie?

My first memories are when I was this height.  It’s funny but my first memories of my father were walking next to his legs and him holding my hand.  I don’t remember his face because I just saw his legs.  Everywhere we went. He seemed huge.

And I used to brag to other kids about him.  I told Eddie Stoyach one day that, “My Dad Can Eat A Potato Chip in One Bite”, and he said that his dad could eat, “2 Potato Chips in One Bite”.  It was the first time I ever got the urge to punch someone.