Posted on Jun 17, 2015 in photography


It was a good night for fishing.  I walked out of my house and I smelled the ocean air. It smelled fresh.  It smelled like sardines in the water.

You don’t often smell that.  You don’t pick up that scent of fish and seawater every night.  Just sometimes.  Maybe a few times a year. That means it was a good night for fishing.

The birds smelled it.  Because they were everywhere.  Sometimes the sardines come close to shore, chased there by bigger fish.  They don’t realize that when they come in close, the birds can pick them off.   One by one from above.

The birds tell each other.  Hey come over here, all the sardines are here.  They are swimming on the top close to shore.  Then the birds gang up on the poor sardines.  Guys come to fish too.  Everyone comes out when the ocean smells like sardines.