5 Reasons I Suspect My Brother Either Secretly Lives or Works at a Taco Shop

Posted on Dec 20, 2015 in Family


#1 – He Answers the Phone “Bueno?”

A couple of years ago I called Bill.  He picked up the phone and said, “Bueno”.  I said, “Bill, is that you?”.  Repeating himself again he said, “Bueno” except he kicked up his voice a couple of Octaves to sound more like a midget (small person).  I laughed and didn’t think anything of it.  But then it happened again.  And again.  And again. And has happened pretty much every time I call him now.

I thought it was a joke until 2 weeks ago when I called Adelberto’s ( a taco stand around the corner) to see if they were still open and the man answered the phone, “Bueno”.  A little surprised, I looked down at the phone to make sure that I hadn’t accidentally dialed my brother in error.  No. I hadn’t, it was indeed the Taco Shop. You see, Bueno means “Hello” in Taco Shop Talk and Bill was chirping it like a Taco Shop bird.

That was the first time it occurred to me that my brothers, “Bueno” greeting might be a telltale to a secret life he doesn’t let anybody else in on.

Does Bill Work or Live at a Taco Shop?  It Sure Sounds like it.


#2  – He’s Always on His Way to Get Tacos.

Over the last 4-6 months it seems that every time I call my brother, he is in his car, on his way to get “tacos”.  It’s to the point where he is always on the road to get Tacos.  He either loves Taco’s so much.  Or he works at a Taco Shop.

 Bill loves his Tacos.


 #3 – When he is not going to get Tacos He is Already Eating Tacos.

If I just happen to catch Bill when he is not in a car on his way to get a Taco, then he is most likely to be in a Taco Shop already eating Tacos.

When Bill swanks into a Taco Shop, they know him by name and by his catch phrase, “Quero Tres Tacos Con Todo” – Give Me Three Tacos with Everything.

Bill Swanks Into Taco Shops Singing His Three Taco Song.


#4 – He Knows Every Taco Shop in San Diego.

Bill seems to have an uncanny ability to recollect every taco he has ever eaten.  I am always trying to stump Bill by the latest and greatest Taco Shop but he always seems to have already been, or been the “Grand Opening” several months ago.

Bill is too knowledgeable of the San Diego Taco market to be your ordinary taco lover.  Bill must either live at a Taco Joint, or have a secret job at one.

Love that Taco Joint?  Bill’s Probably Already Been There.


#5 –  He Farts When You Pull His Finger

The dead giveaway seems to be his super human skill of being able to fart at will.  Bill will hold out his finger.

You will think he can not possibly fart.  You pull the finger and voila, he farts.  Like Magic.

Other times Bill will quiet down and look around as if alarmed or frightened of something and say, “shhhhh, I think I hear something”.   When you stop to listen.  Bill farts loudly on queue.

Farts are a frequent sign of people that spend vast amount of times with Tacos.  I definitely think Bill either works or lives in a Taco Joint.

Shh.. I think I hear something.