5 Polaroids Taken During Chargers Heartbreaking Loss

Posted on Jan 13, 2014 in Family

Sunday was not just another Sunday.  It was a day the Miracle Chargers great run ended.  We all gathered at Danny and Camille’s house to catch what was to become a disappointing game.  These Polaroids taken throughout the game tell the story.

An excited Geno begins the game unaware that his lost Charger hat would have such an impact on Chargers early performance.


A hopeful Oliver poses with his homade Charger Power T Shirt


A defiant Oliver poses with a real jersey which he hopes will turn the tide of the 17-0 halftime score.


Fathers passing on the tradition of Charger disappointment to their own sons, much the same way their fathers had passed the torch to them years ago.


An empathetic Little Camille tries to comfort her distraught father.