Why are chickens fascinated with wide angle lenses?

Posted on Apr 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I placed the wide angle 15mm super wide angle lens on my D3S and I was determined to take some cool shots of chickens.  Patrick has two very extraordinary looking chickens at his ranch in Bonita so I headed there to get some epic chicken shots with my super wide angle lens.

When I got there, we decided the model would be Maria – the chicken.  Apparently Maria fashions herself as some sort of super high fashion model because she was absolutely in love with my wide angle lens. I find that typically people are afraid of the lens because it appears to them that I am shooting so up in their face.  But with Maria it was different.  The closer I got to her, the more aggressive she began to come toward me and the camera itself.  Apparently she viewed my wide angle lens as some sort of enemy to her territory so she progressively got more and more aggressive as I moved the lens in closer and closer.  She began to peck at my camera like it was her worst enemy.  But all the while she maintained her composure and I was able to get some terrific shots of her.

Maria is some chicken, but I am still caught wondering what her fascination with my wide angle lens is?