I entered a San Diego Charger Photographer Contest Today

Posted on Oct 25, 2012 in photography

I entered a photographer contest today.  The contest is to give you a chance to become a San Diego Chargers field photographer at one of their home games.  You get to on the sidelines with your camera and take pictures of the action.  The contest said if you like photography and the San Diego Chargers than this is your chance to do them both together.  Well, I just happen to love photography, and love the San Diego Chargers – so it was a perfect photography contest for me to enter.

To enter you had to write in 200 words or less why you wanted to become a Chargers photographer for a day. Well I instantly thought back to when I was a kid and how I sent a letter to the Chargers every month asking them for a job to be a ball boy.  My brother Bill told me the only way to get a job is that you had to be persistent and just keep at it.  That was his philosophy and he always seemed to be getting good jobs so I did it, and I did it, and I did it.  Month after month I sent basically the same letter in asking to be a ball boy.  Once in awhile I would get a form letter back from them saying that they would keep my request on file.   So I kept hoping.  Eventually I stopped writing those letters but I never stopped hoping for the chance to get back on the field with the Chargers just once.   So this contest seemed like a perfect thing to do.  Now that I love photography and love the Chargers maybe this would be my chance.  Well, thousands of people enter so the chances are low, but I still have a chance! – which is all I wanted.

I was going through some stuff tonight that I collected during those years and I found this that I was so proud of at the time.  I remembered that I was terrible at drawing school but I always thought that I did good drawing the Chargers helmet that day  This was in 1979 that I had this and I kept it in a scrap book for all those years.  I have hardly anything left from my young days of what I did but the Chargers stuff has survived all those years, and so has my hope for them.  They haven’t made the Superbowl but I keep dreaming they will.