The Football Game

Posted on Mar 2, 2016 in Family


Saturday afternoon’s in the park are time for a football game – A Fendley Football Game.  So Michael, Ollie, Frankie and James headed off to the park to play a game of football.


It was one of those perfect Point Loma days when the afternoon is that perfect temperature and the only thing in the sky are puffy white clouds.  Its a perfect day to play football.


It was Oliver and James versus Michael and Frankie. It was a perfect balanced game. When we asked who is the fastest?  Both James and Frankie screamed at the same time, “ME”!


But James ran faster for most of the time because Frankie needed to keep holding on to his hat when he ran so it would not fall off his head.  Later though, Frankie ran faster when I took his hat off and held it for him.


James is good at running with the football.  He just looks straight ahead and charges to the end zone. Some times he keeps on running and running even past the end zone.  He runs all the way to the ocean.


Everyone was having fun but in the middle of the game a dog came running on the field.  The referees blew the whistle and said, “Get that dog off the field!”  Everyone chased the dog.  It messed up the game but everyone laughed as they ran.


After the dog left with his owner to eat puppy chow, the game played on.  But then James hit Frankie and Frankie cried.  Frankie went down to sit down.  I said to James, “Give Frankie a Hug”.  James said, “Frankie doesn’t want a hug!” and then Frankie said, “Yes I do want a hug”.  So James grabbed him and hugged him around the neck.

Everyone was happy, even James.  He laughed and ran away.  He was having a lot of fun running around, hitting and tackling and hugging everyone.


The game was over just like that and everyone was tired.  But not Frankie and James. They wanted to hang on trees.  So they climbed up and hung on trees with just their hands to hold them up.

footbul28 footbul2

Then everyone was pooped and the day was done.  Michael said, “My mission is accomplished, I wore the boys down so they will want to sleep”.  That is right Mission Accomplished Michael.