Higher Education

Posted on May 8, 2016 in Travel


In the words of wise Bill Clinton, former President and speaker at the Loyola Marymont 2016 Graduation Ceremony, “Trump is  Chump, Vote Hillary!”  And so with that, Irish graduated and was given 3 hours to move out of his dorm room. LMU wasted little time kicking their graduates to the curb.  If you want to teach someone to swim, you throw them in the pool which is exactly what they did.

We met Irish and Family for lunch up in beautiful Beverly Hills at some Chinese joint with great food and shreddy wooden skewers that sent poor Darla to the hospital.


Irish is off and on his way to stardom.  He already has an agent who is out there hitting the pavement for him and getting him big roles in up coming flicks.  We could not be more proud of Irish.    We gave Irish a bunch of balloons.  The kid loves balloons.


The whole family was there.  But Darla could only stay for a bit.  It’s a long story actually.  I will paste a bit of the ordeal here for you, if you have not heard the news.

darlanews2Well in the end Darla was ok but it was too bad we didn’t get to spend more time with her.  But we did see Isabella there and she was proud of Irish too and even held up a sign for him.


It was a fun day and everyone enjoyed it very much.  Congratulations to Irish and the whole family.  Next up.  Charlie Giron!  Go Charlie!