Yosemite and Beyond

Posted on Aug 25, 2011 in Travel

They say that John Muir is largely responsible for bringing attention to Yosemite Valley and eventually convincing people to turn it into a national park.  Well it is a national treasure and once you visit Yosemite you think of when and how you can return to see more of the beauty that you left behind.  I was a little surprised a the length of the drive from San Diego to Yosemite.  Yes I ended up stopping in a few places like San Luis Obisbo and San Jose for an evening but my trek up there by car took 3 days.  It was well worth it.  With my camera in hand I found lots of interesting things to photograph.

I didn’t actually get as many amazing photos as I would have expected.  Well we ended up hiking up half dome which was far scarier and far harder than I would have imagined prior to committing to the hike.  I vowed when I got to flat ground never to do it again.  The best places I think to photograph in Yosemite were mirror lake and the Yosemite Valley itself.  Not all the best photos are at sunrise, in fact sunset is better and the case of Mirror Lake the photos get best between 8 and 10 am in the summer.  The photos could get even better in the winter because they lake fills up much higher given you pristine and still mirror images of half dome and other peeks in the area.

Miles of HairPin Turns to Big Sur

Posted on Aug 19, 2011 in Travel

Having just quit my job from a company that I created with a partner and then sold to a larger company, I found myself with an extraordinary amount of time on my hands. More leisure time than I have had since I left college and back then I was quite handy at wasting hours on end writing silly songs on my guitar.  I had batted around the idea of driving up the coast to see my friend Aaron and then hiking half dome up in Yosemite for quite some time since I had seen another friend of mine post some pictures of his triumphant ascent of the rock.  Given my fun-employment status I decided to drive up this week.

On the way up the coast yesterday I had a chance to see something else I have wanted to see for a long time – Big Sur.  Big Sur actually means “Big South” in Spanish, and if you have ever been up to this part of the central coast you will understand why.  The cliffy coastline offers the most dramatic views off the West Coast.  Stunning sheer cliffs drop of into the massive blue sea.  The two lane highway is a stretch of 40+ miles of hair pin turns with the most amazing views you can find in California.  Bixby Bridge is towards the north end of the drive and it is probably the most oft photo’d bridge on the drive.  I always hate taking pictures of monuments or places that you would expect but I feel compelled for some reason.  One good photographer I read about advised that you should always try to find something different when you are photographing something that is very common – a different angle, different colors, something unusual in the shot.  When I was at Bixby Bridge, I just happened to notice a couple, holding each other and enjoying the moment.  I decided to use them as my subjects and let Bixby Bridge in Big Sur act as the backdrop. The photo is not great but it did help me capture the monument and something different about the picture that might make it more interesting.

She Loves Pictures

Posted on Aug 19, 2011 in Family

She is a great girlfriend and she loves pictures, I guess that is a bonus because I follow her around everywhere snapping photos of her all day long.  Her name is Tu.  Not one, not three, but Tu (2).  Everyone likes it when she says that.  In fact everyone remembers her name, they never forget it.  I guess everyone needs something like that.  I always imagine telling people my name is Frank Sinatra when they meet me.   I imagine if I said that they would never forget my name.

I guess I take so many pictures of Tu because she is so beautiful and because she always has this really nice warm smile.  Her mom once asked me who did I think she looked like, her or her father.  Well I thought she had her mom’s eyes and her dad’s smile. Her dad has this huge smile, and I think she has it Tu.  One great thing about Tu is that she said she will never fake smile, so if you ever see a picture of her and she is smiling, it is because she is genuinely smiling. I think I have thousands of pictures of her smiling. I think it is pretty great to have a girlfriend that is so understanding and let’s me take so many pictures of her.


Posted on Aug 17, 2011 in Family

My nephew Geno is one of the most interesting people to photograph and that is why he is the subject for many of my portraits.  He has so much personality and life that it really shines through when I take a photograph of him.  The challenge is that Geno is constantly in motion so I need to keep in constant motion to keep up with him.  Photographing kids is one of the most challenging and rewarding things  you can do in photography and well, Geno is a great example of that.