Everything I do, He Does

Posted on Mar 26, 2015 in Family

Little James likes to copy me.  When I put on white shoes, he puts on white shoes.  When I kneel down to take a picture or tie my shoes, he kneels down too.  If I put on my hat, he puts on his hat.

So it came as no surprise when I took a picture of him, he decided to take a picture of me too with his camera.


Little Jimi Hendrix

Posted on Mar 24, 2015 in Family

Little Jimi Hendrix with that classic All American J-Crew Style.



El Camino Del Diablo

Posted on Mar 24, 2015 in photography

As seen in Little Italy.


A Bathtub Yoplait

Posted on Mar 22, 2015 in Family

Sarah bent down, pealed the lid off a Yoplait and handed it to John.  “It’s Yogurt Time!” she exclaimed and Little John smiled and took it.  “I want to go in the Bathtub”, said Little John.  So we picked him and put him in the bathtub.  It was time for a Bathtub Yoplait.


Plane Crazy

Posted on Mar 22, 2015 in photography

Surreal view of a plane in Little Italy where they roar overhead every 120 seconds. San Diego’s airport is literally 1 minute from downtown making it one of the more unique and accessible airports in the world.


A Norman Rockwell Moment

Posted on Mar 22, 2015 in Travel

poopmichael2 poopmichael1

Paige Loves Sam

Posted on Mar 21, 2015 in photography

Paige is 3.  She likes to read Sam Seagull and even gives him a kiss before she goes to sleep at night.  This is my friends Brian and Sheila’s daughter and she is just as cute as a button.