Stormy Surf

Posted on Dec 31, 2012 in photography

We had some stormy surf and dramatic sunset tonight.  Caught some surfers down at Windansea Beach.

You can see it raining in the distance.

DSC_9791 copy

The surfer is waiting for another set of waves but it was not to be.


The iconic Windansea surf hut.

DSC_9748_HDR copy

Cruising San Diego Bay

Posted on Dec 30, 2012 in Family

Bill took us on a nice little boat ride yesterday so we could check out beautiful San Diego Bay before some torrential rains came in.  The morning was bright and sunny and by the time we got back to the dock it was already looking like rain.  San Diego has had such a rainy December that it seems a little bit like Seattle here.  I was able to get some really nice pictures that captured the day.

A view of the Star of India from the Bay.


Coming up on downtown San Diego from the Bay it was a beautiful sight.


You can go many places in the world, but San Diego will always be a place that you will remember as one of the most beautiful.


The Port of San Diego is a place that many cruise ships start their journeys.  It is a destination city.


A seagull soars above the bay.


It was a great day for sailing until it got too windy, cold and rainy.


The picture was like  a postcard.


This model is Irish Giron.


Evan.  The sun was too bright for his eyes.


Always cool.  Always well dressed. Irish Giron.


That is the handsome face of Geno.


Geno cracking us all up as he battles the storm brewing outside.


Is this the Backstreet Boys or what?


Charlie reflects in the sunlight.


The day is coming to an end as marked by the flag Irish flies.


Olivers Snow Party 2012

Posted on Dec 28, 2012 in Family

They have one every year.  Bridget and Michael pay for truckloads of snow to be brought in from the North Pole to have a snow party right in the town of Encinitas – the beautiful beach town.  The party was the best yet and there were lots of new babies that we welcomed this year.