Maximo Aurelias

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Vinh Long Kids

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Vinh Long Orphanage received a visit today from Tu who brought gifts all the way from California.  Tu took up a collection for the orphanage and many generous donations were made with food, clothing, money.

The kids were so happy to receive it all and they are even going to receive an air conditioner in their dorm because it is unbearably hot and they sweat all day in the room. It will make a big difference to them.

vinh-long-thank-you vinh-long-thank-you3 vinh-thank-you2

The Happiest Place on Earth

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I spent the week in Orlando Florida for a business conference.  I have never been to Orlando before and I may never return.  Not voluntarily at least.

Of all the cities in the US I have visited, I would have to say Orlando is by far the most soul-less of any.   There are no local restaurants, everything is chain.  It is made up entirely of hotels and resorts. There is really nothing interesting to look at.  It’s hot.  It’s muggy.

Yet people flock here in droves.

They call it the happiest place in the world – Disney does at least.  I don’t think I have ever run across so many people collectively complaining about everything.  They complained at the airport.  They complained at the restaurants.  They complained in the train.  They complained in the sky.  And don’t get me started on the number of kids absolutely wailing their eyes out about something.  Or about nothing.

Happiest place on earth?  Not quite.  I’m so happy to be going home to Tu.


Side Eye

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Goodbye to Maine

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It was a fun week in Maine. We traveled the whole of the coastline and saw so many beautiful places.  I can honestly say it is some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. It is also some of the most historical with this being the area that many settlers started in the 1700’s.   Goodbye Maine and hello San Diego.


A Thousand Locks of Love

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As seen in Portland Maine, Old Port Harbor


The Shanty Harbor

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