Bienvenue Isabella

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Have you ever wished for a miracle that came true? You pray and pray for it, and then it happens? For Bill (my brother) and his wife Michelle that is exactly what happened 10 days ago when their little baby Isabella was born. After many years of trying and heart-wrenching losses and against every odd by any serious mathematician or statistician they conceived a baby. And that baby is the precious Isabela that they brought home a week ago. Congratulations to Bill and Michelle on this joyous occasion.


The beauty of Joshua Tree National Park

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Joshua Tree National Park is located in Southern California – actually not too far from San Diego (but very close to Palm Springs). It is one of the newer parks in the US and was only established about 15 years ago.  Joshua Tree was made famous by U2 who named their 5th and one of their most famous albums for the area.    The iconic images from Joshua Tree are the pictures of the Yucca brevifolia which are the trees that are indigenous to the area.  They are everywhere and they are beautiful.  Joshua Tree was named one of the most beautiful places in the US and it is not hard to see why.  It is particularly beautiful around sunset when the orange sky paints the landscape with a nice warm glow.  Joshua Tree was somewhere that I wanted to go to for a long time and I was not disappointed.





Engagement Photo’s for Friends

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Weddings and Engagement Photos; these are typical events that are the bread and butter of many photographers.  Probably most of the best photographers in the world shoot weddings.  Event photographers that shoot weddings become masters of the camera and of thinking creatively in stressful situations.  I always admire good Wedding Photographers that really know how to capture the essence of a wedding beautifully. I have wondered how much of that is experience and how much is that they just see the world differently than other people.  I always wish I had the capability to really shoot weddings well, even though I would never want to be a wedding photographer. Too much stress for me.

When my Sister in Law Camille gave the opportunity to shoot some engagement photos for her friends, I jumped at the idea.  Willing subjects that would let me take pictures of them? I was game.  I have to admit since I am only an amateur photographer that I get very nervous being the primary photographer for someone’s big day.  We agreed to take the pictures at a pretty beautiful location in Point Loma – The Southwestern Yacht Club where they live on a boat.  We picked a pretty gorgeous day and met about an hour and a half before the sun sets – I always think the only time to do outdoor portraits is the Golden Hour .  You can get more beautiful pictures in 15 minutes during the Golden Hour than you could in several hours during the middle of the day.

I am still working on editing the pictures but it was a great experience to get out there and photograph someone’s big announcement.  They were a very beautiful couple, full of life and energy so it was quite easy to shoot them.  I am looking forward to editing the pictures and seeing what they think.


The Happy Couple

Kissing on the Beach

Caught in the Library



Pat turns 40

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Went over to Patrick’s last night.  Paddy Boy turned 40 yesterday and the gang got together to help him ring in a new era of old age.  You know that 40 is the official point at which you say goodbye to your youth and say hello to your twilight years.  Everyone had a great time.  There is a rather funny video that was taken during the Happy Birthday song but Patrick made me swear to keep it locked in the vault for the rest of time.  So I apologize that will not be posted on my blog anytime soon.  Happy Birthday Patrick.

Picture of poor kids.

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2012. Most of the world lives in extreme poverty. As time moves forward, we must consider ourselves very lucky to live here in the US with every comfort and technology designed to make our lives easier. No other society in the history of humanity has ever had it as good as we have it here, right now. The time has come for the US to stop being the police of the world, and to start to become the caretakers for the poor and sick. There are a handful of terrorist that we could spend billions trying to eliminate but why don’t we try something new like putting that money to work to feed children that are starving. Can you imagine how the world would view us then?

Dad turns 80

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Last Thursday night my dad had  big party at Sarah’s new house.  It was a party for his 80th birthday and it was a blast.  Sarah ordered up our favorite meal which is of course “The BBQ Pit” in National City and we had a feast.  Phil Nash made this awesome video compiled from 20+ years of footage that he had taken while visiting our house all the way back to the 1980’s.  It was hilarious and touching at the same time.  Suzy made a nice memory board and we put things such as Danny’s report cards and letters that Joanne had written to my dad in rainbow colors.  The night was a huge success!  Happy Birthday Dad.


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This is my brother in law – Pete. Pete and I were friends in high school in San Diego. We met when I was about 16 years old. He asked me many times if he could date my sister and I always said, “No”. Then one day I told him if he took off his shirt in Biology class then I would let him ask my sister out. He did and the teacher went ballistic. It was a real demonstration to me of just how much he liked my sister. He got that date with my sister and 15 years later they got married. I could not be happier. He is a world class father and one of the best guys I know. I really love this guy and I am so happy that my sister married such a wonderful guy. Pete is one of my best friends and this guy would do anything for his family and the people he cares about. To top it off he is a Marine ( a true honest to God tough guy that would fight and die for this country). Hurrah Pete and everything he stands for.


Fly your spaceship home

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In this world of space and time.  You can travel through your mind.  Like an astronaut in space.  This galaxies your place. Shooting stars, across the sky.  Lights the dreams of you and I.

Fly your spaceship home my dear. Take a moon beam back to here. Every dream will take you home.