Watching Oliver in Encinitas

Posted on Jan 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tu and I spent Friday watching Oliver at his home in Encinitas.  I know it seems like I am posting more videos on the blog than usual but I guess that is a product of how I do photography and videography.  With DLSR’s these days you get the option of either taking video or pictures.  Because I recently got the new D3S, I have had the luxury of having a state of the art camera as well as video camera all in one package.  I really like doing videography with DLSR’s for a couple of reasons.  First you get to use your top of the line lenses.  That means more wide angle shots and tighter super depth of focus shots with your better lenses.  Combining that fact with the full frame sensor and you have a real winning combination for DLSR’s over traditional video cameras.

Here is a short video documentary of our time watching Oliver.  As I always say, Oliver is one of my favorite subjects because he is so unique and so fantastically photographable.