Saturday Morning Pancakes with Mom

Posted on May 2, 2012 in Family

My mom loves to cook. Even though she say’s that she does not have a lot of experience in the kitchen that is simply not true.  She raised 12 kids and always had time to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for all 12.

This Saturday I had a chance to visit with my mom while she made BabyCakes Saturday Pancakes at her cottage in Coronado.  My mom’s kitchen is not only a shrine to BabyCakesNYC – it is actually the birth place of it.  My sister Erin spent months in this very kitchen trying out hundreds of recipes for vegan cupcakes.  One day she stumbled upon one and the rest of was history – BabyCakes was born.

Watching my mom cook, you realize that the first ingredient in any recipe is love and sharing- that after all is the whole point of baking.  Baking is meant for sharing and you can see why BabyCakes are so popular today – because love was their first ingredient.